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Finding Motivation ?>

Finding Motivation

Everyone warned me. “Be careful. Make sure you have a plan laid out, goals that will keep you writing once this organism called an MFA program ends. Some people stop writing altogether. Don’t let that happen to you.” I scoffed at their remarks. And rightly so. I had a plan. I would finish my manuscript and send it out, find a home for the characters who had become friends, get published, and write another one. But things don’t always fall…

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Spring Renewal ?>

Spring Renewal

Starting over – it’s not easy, but the season of Spring exudes it. Flowers poke their heads above the warming earth and trees begin to bud and leaf. What better season, then, to make a metamorphosis of my own? I will graduate from Spalding University’s Master of Fine Arts in Writing program on June 4th. It’s been a long journey that has spanned four countries and two continents. It has been the impetus for new friendships with wonderful, imaginative people,…

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Impatience ?>


Have I ever mentioned how hard it is for me to be patient? Those who know me well know this about me. I’m sure I drive them crazy at times, wanting things to happen immediately. My husband is the complete opposite. He chews on decisions like gristle, sucking every possible scenario out of them before determining his path. It is this quality in him that helps keep me grounded, I think. Currently, I am in the process of getting a…

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