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Spring Renewal ?>

Spring Renewal

Starting over – it’s not easy, but the season of Spring exudes it. Flowers poke their heads above the warming earth and trees begin to bud and leaf. What better season, then, to make a metamorphosis of my own? I will graduate from Spalding University’s Master of Fine Arts in Writing program on June 4th. It’s been a long journey that has spanned four countries and two continents. It has been the impetus for new friendships with wonderful, imaginative people,…

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Navigating Life’s Journey ?>

Navigating Life’s Journey

It is obvious when you meet someone who is truly satisfied with life. There is an ethereal glow that seems to surround them, pulling life, love, and happiness into their gravitational field. I met one such person recently. His passion for his chosen profession was obvious, and intrigued me. This man, let’s call him “Brian”, like many of us, started out on one path, but ended up on quite another. He did what was expected of him, went to college,…

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Frustration ?>


A friend of mine recently shared a blog post via Facebook that hit home. It was a rather tongue-in-cheek take on the achievements (or lack thereof) made by those who pursue their dreams in the hours around their day job and familial commitments. (The blog was written by David Ferguson and posted on if you’d like to read it for yourself.) Every word that man wrote seemed to come directly from the little sarcastic being that whispers words of…

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